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Does directory submission play any role in SEO?

Every website on the internet is ranked by search engines. This ranking depends on several factors. The content plays an important role in the ranking of a website. Any website with unique and relevant content gets a higher rank in search engine results. The ranking of a website also depends upon the number of links that a website has. Not only the number of links, but the quality of links is also a detrimental factor for website ranking. Any website that has a large number of quality links gets a high rank in search engines.

The rank of a website depends upon the number of inbound links to a website. Inbound links basically refer to the websites that link or incoming links to a particular website for which the inbound links are being calculated. A larger number of inbound links means that the website gets a high rank.

There are several ways in which a website can generate a large number of inbound links or back links. One of the methods used for generating inbound links is directory submission. Directory submission plays a very important role in website SEO. When a website is submitted to a directory, it is able to generate a large number of one way incoming links. These links are not only large in number but are quality links that enable a website to get a higher rank in search engine result pages. So directory submission is important for all websites that need optimization.

Directory submission services are offered by a lot of SEO firms and websites. When a website has to be submitted to a directory, there are two methods of doing so. One is manual submission of a website and the other is automated submission. The directories to which websites are submitted are search engine friendly. This implies that the spiders or crawlers are able to find these websites quickly and index them for the users.

Automated submission to directories makes uses of a number of software for the process. In this method of submission, the service provider or the user simply needs to install the software and follow the instructions for the submission process. This process is easy and takes less time. Manual submission of websites to directories takes a lot of time. In the manual directory submission, a website is reviewed for quality and content of the website. This is done to ensure that the website gets accepted by the directories and is not rejected. Once this is done, the website is submitted to various directories on the internet.

When a website has to be submitted to a directory, its category and sub category needs to be mentioned. This is to ensure that the website gets submitted to the right kind of directories. The directories to which websites are submitted are selected on the basis of several factors. These include the age of the directory, keywords allowed in the title tag, quality and quantity of back links and the search engines to which the directory is friendly.

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