Widening Your Funnel With Directory Submission and Social Bookmarking

Your sales funnel is the process by which you guide potential customers to your website;
directory submission and social bookmarking efforts form a powerful and often-untapped part of an effective sales funnel. The goal of each is simple: to get a link to your site in front of as many eyes as possible using ultra-modern technologies that have huge amounts of people using them.

Directory Submission

There are two kinds of directories on the ‘net. The first are quality, hand-managed directories that range in size from phonebook-style sites to tiny, highly specialized directories that only list (as a random example) companies that perform non-destructive tests of raw oil storage facilities. You want your site to be listed on as many of these as are relevant to your business.

The second kind of directory is called a ‘link farm’, and it’s pretty much the opposite of the above: it’s a massive collection of links that accept any website that’s submitted via their automated website without regard to subject, quality, or even whether or not the site actually exists. You want to avoid these; merely having your site linked to by them makes it look worse in the eyes of the search engines.

The directory submission service at EliteSEOMarketing.com is a powerful one, full of people who know about thousands of directories — both to avoid and to go out of your way to get listed on. The more high-quality directories your site is a part of, the more surfers will see your link when they look for businesses of your type, which means better business for you.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is essentially the act of posting a link to a site that shares your links with anyone interested. Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit are perfect examples: you tell those sites about a page, and if people vote that they like it, it gets more eyes on it. Get enough votes, and you could ‘go viral’ and end up getting linked to from all over the ‘net.

Social bookmarks are great links for the purposes of getting the search engines’ attention. They also bring targeted traffic that comes to your site knowing what to expect — which increases the likelihood that they’ll stick around and read a bit. The short description that gets posted along with every link is critical; it determines how many people actually pay attention to your link.

Writing that description well is exactly the purpose of hiring a social bookmarking team like the one at EliteSEOMarketing.com. That, and taking the time to go through and use those writing skills on each of the many dozens of social bookmarking sites that are out there.

Taken individually, the tools of social bookmarking and directory submission are powerful when done properly, and insidiously undermining when done wrong. As part of an overall SEO plan, properly performed submission and bookmarking provide huge leverage in the quest for that all-important first page placement.

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