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Advantages and disadvantages of social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a web based application that enables a user to store, manage, create and share bookmarks online. This means that a user can mark a particular site on the internet and return to it at a later date for reference. This also implies that a user does not need to search for the same website or web page again on the internet using search engines. The bookmarks are managed on the internet using tags. A tag can be considered as a code or a name for a website which helps to find that particular website later. Social bookmarks can also be saved as a group under a particular name or a category.

What happens in a social bookmarking system? In a social bookmarking system, a user saves a link to a particular website or a web page. This link which is a public link is basically saved as a private link for future reference. The user who saves a link can share it with other users within a private network. The users can view this bookmark based on a category or on a tag. Bookmarks can be referred to as filtered sites that a user likes and wants to return to them later as they provide relevant information.

Social bookmarking sites are also present on the internet. These websites help people who share the same interests to share their views and ideas on the internet.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of social bookmarking.


  • Social Bookmarking helps in quick indexing of the website. This means that any website that needs to be accessed quickly or referenced at a later date can be placed in social bookmarking sites on the internet. This ensures that the website is picked up by search engines quickly.
  • Social bookmarking helps in generating more traffic for a particular website. Any website that has been tagged receives more traffic as its link is shared by a large number of people. This further helps to improve the ranking of a website on the search engine result pages.
  • Social bookmarking also helps websites to develop more number of quality links. This means that any link to a website is from a website that has relevant information. The increased number of quality links also helps the websites to get better rank in search engine results.

There are several disadvantages of social bookmarking as well. This tool does not use a proper set of keywords and tag structures. The tags are created by users. This means that the users can use any word as the name of the tag. This word may even be a keyword. The haphazard structure of tags and the management of tags by users pose a problem as many visitors may not find what they are looking for when they visit the bookmark with a particular name. This also leads to another problem of spamming. In most cases, people use the most popular tags or keywords to name their bookmarks. This tool can even be used by website owners in a fraudulent manner to enable their websites get a better rank.

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