Small Business Outsourcing – Attract The Best Person Today

Hiring procedures are done differently because each has their own style. But when I am in the process of selecting a staff to be in our team we use a method called George Foreman approach. I highly recommend that you do this as well when it comes to recruiting your own staff for your small business outsourcing team. It is a must that you take a systematic way on how to grill these candidates so you can get the best one out of that list of applicants.

First you have to be clear on the type of person that you want to join your team. Then you have to post a job advertisement and make sure that the job description fits the person that you are looking forward to hire. It is a must to attract the right type of individual to help you complete some website SEO services, for example. Then publish the advertisement on a career site like Jobstreet. Now what do we do as soon as soon as we see these huge volume of resumes in our inbox?

I just use my own list of questions just to get the hiring process going and encourage them to respond. I have to make sure that they are good in using the English language and have the skills we need. We provide them with a task to accomplish, so that is another test for them to pass. I am doing this step by step until I get close to have my A players then pick the best candidate.

We go and make use of the Top Grading style interview, so that we can find a virtual assistant. Go ahead and check out Brad Smart’s book called Top Grading to help you ask the right questions and do it in a systematic way.

Actually, there’s no difference between working online and working offline. Both businesses are equal. I said this because some people think that rules are a bit different since I have an online business.

Offline businesses do it in a systematic approach. They agree on the details to put on the ad, write the appropriate job description and follow a step by step method in this process. That also happens when you go online, you just have to make up your mind on the things that you want done and how long these processes will take.

It is important to map their activities, a week ahead before they start working. You have to check that their assignments fit the job description that you already published as they are going to be contributing on your small business outsourcing team for the first time. You can also grab these tips in my outsourcing training DVDs. Make them as productive as much as you can, but do not assign tasks that are not on the plan just to keep them busy.

I was so focused on the task before that it affected their work in my website SEO company because I was not that concentrated on the outcome of their assigned tasks. This is what you need to remember, do not just give them tasks right away. Check out something that you need to get done because you are expecting results and have them work on it for you.

Make sure you clearly line out their week, how their week is going to look. Then you move into writing the job description. You need to clear about what tasks are they going to be doing, what is going to be required of them.

In the end, there are some important qualities that we are looking for those who want to join our small business outsourcing team that you just cannot teach. I can give instructions and tips on how to rank websites using our SEO method, but there are just some skills you cannot teach. So it is highly recommended to get someone who is honest enough to do these tasks for you, because it is important especially in a virtual business like what we have.

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