Search Engine Optimization Training – Its Importance To Your Team

Once I was confronted with a question about the possibility of being left by a staff that has undergone search engine optimization training for some time. Would not that be a great loss? A great loss it is if you have not done everything it takes as he becomes part of your SEO services. If he does not leave and he is untrained, that would be a problem.

You should train all your staff even if they show signs of leaving so that you will be assured that your workers who will stay are perfectly skilled for the tasks they will be handling. Never assume that they can learn the ropes on their own. Most people treat their own online businesses differently. This is wrong. Just like in any other business. You got to invest time and effort in training your outsourcing providers because it is your business that is at stake.

We have prepared a network drive especially to new members of the team. This is an area where everyone can log into. We have got Google Docs and various Lists and Log-ins. In here, we share all information about each of the websites that we are optimizing as well as log-in details and a few personal information.

Then we have systems where most of our trainings revolve. Most of my team members generate trainings as they do it. For one, they learn how to use Aweber when they need to learn about emails. I walk them through The SEO Method when it is about SEO company and search engine optimization training that they got to deal with. For doing audios, they are given information on learning Audacity. I establish culture and systems in all areas of my business as my back up.

I never want to build a business that is person dependent. I want to build a business that is systems dependent. I don’t want to have it where this one person has built a little black box about what it is that they do, then they go and quit or leave or whatever and then here I am with nothing in place to plug a person straight back into. It’s called a WorkWiki. You can also include there your SEO products which could help in their training. If someone comes in and they say, Dave, I need to prepare that end of day report or I need to know how to invoice STU, I’ll say, go watch the video here. Do it, if you have any questions, then I’ll review it. I’ll do it with them. The first step is I show them how to do and I’ll do it through videos.

Proper search engine optimization training for your staff shall reward you much freedom in the end. Once done successfully, you would not have to be asked by them on how to do every single task. You would just have to direct them to WorkWiki for their training concerns.

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