Making Your Website Attractive To Crawlers

With a boost to website crawl rate, search engines will “crawl” your website more often. This particular frequency may vary from a few hours to a few weeks. When your website is experiencing a high crawl rate it means that you are doing something right – at least according to Google’s standards for what is right. This article will help you get those impressive crawl rates so your website can really stand out.

If your website has any images, then you should take out the time to optimize them effectively. Sites that have images will take a big hit by not having images that are optimized properly for better search engine performance. Failing to do this can mean that your website will have a crawl rate that isn’t quite as fast as you need it to be to succeed. But the real question is how to get that improved crawl rate. Some of the things you can do in order to make your images more appealing to search engine crawlers include things like properly resizing your images, placing relevant keywords in the file name of the images, and using captions that are likely to attract attention from the search engines. Taking these simple steps will help you optimize your site’s images more effectively, which will in turn contribute to your website SEO efforts and increase the crawl rate of your website.

Host your website on a reliable server because you obviously don’t want it to go down at the wrong time. You’ll never be able to guess then the Google spiders are going to spin a web on your site. When you choose wisely and elect a service with excellent uptime ratings it will be much less likely that the site will be down when they make their appearance. Ensure that you double check the server that you’re going for and if you experience any problems in the start, then just switch to another reliable one instead of waiting for these frequent problems to be resolved.

Don’t forget the basics like submitting your site’s URL to the search engines. This is something that is quick and easy but effective. You can also submit your site’s Url to other major search engines for added exposure. Besides this, make sure that your server returns the right header response. The ball is now in your court. The next move is yours to make now that you know the steps you need to take. Working with the search engines for traffic and better rank is all you need to do in order to get the wild success and huge flow of traffic you’ve been waiting for. Forget all the greyhat and blackhat SEO methods that you know of. Start giving really value to Google and the other major search engines, and watch your traffic grow right before your eyes.

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