Make Your Site More Crawl-Worthy With These Great Tips

It’s possible to impact the frequency with which search engines crawl your website by boosting the crawl rate. Most websites experience a wide variety of frequency when it comes to “crawl” rates that may be a few hours between or even as long as a few weeks. When your website is experiencing a high crawl rate it means that you are doing something right – at least according to Google’s standards for what is right. Improving your crawl rate means you’re going to have better performance from your site – keep reading to learn what you need to do to boost those vital crawl rates.

If your website has any images, then you should take out the time to optimize them effectively. If you don’t optimize your images it can actually hurt your performance in the search engines. Failing to do this can mean that your website will have a crawl rate that isn’t quite as fast as you need it to be to succeed. So, how do you improve the crawl rates for your site? You can do many things to optimize images like placing keywords in the name of the file, resizing images properly, and using captions that are designed to appeal to search engine crawlers. This isn’t terribly difficult work to do but it can have a profound impact on your bottom line by gaining you much more attention from search engine spiders.

Choose the service you turn to for website hosting well so your site doesn’t have a tendency to be down during critical moments. It’s impossible to tell when these spiders are going to crawl your site. So if your server doesn’t have the issue of frequent downtimes then it’ll obviously be a missed opportunity to have your website crawled. By all means if the hosting service you picked first isn’t serving your needs as far as uptime is concerned; it’s time to explore your options with other providers out there.

Log in to your Google Webmasters Account and attempt to adjust the Google crawl rate. This feature is only available to site that are established and have been operational for some time so newer sites will not yet be able to take advantage of this step. Even though this may seem like a small or insignificant step, it does make a difference to how often the Google bots visit your site. There’s a reason why some websites receive from search engine traffic than the others, and it’s that they are frequently updated giving the search engine spiders so food to chew on. If you want your website to benefit from Google and actually get consistent traffic from it, then it’s really important that you focus on taking the necessary steps to get the Google bots to pay a visit to your site frequently. Once you get started with these steps you’ll find that it’s not really all that hard.

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