Local Internet Marketing: The Power of First Page Placement

If you’ve ever used Google, you know how incredibly rare it is for a surfer to read something that doesn’t have that all-important first page placement. After all, Google’s business is to give you exactly what you’re looking for — if you have to click on to Page 2 or higher, Google is essentially failing at it’s job.

From the other side of the fence, your organic traffic is essentially zero if you don’t have first page placement for at least a few solid search terms. Organic SEO is the art of making sure that your website is on that first page and gets eyes on it. It’s not a rapid process — Google respects age and long-term interest much more than flash-in-the-pan sites.

Of course, organic SEO isn’t your only option. You can purchase a first page placement, and if you’re serious about your business, you should — at least until the organic SEO kicks in and you can be on the first page without having to pay. The head-start the extra money will trigger is very worthwhile.

As you end up on the top searches for some phrases, Google will start to see your site in a better light. With ongoing organic SEO efforts including on-page efforts like careful consideration of keyword placement and density and off-page efforts like backlink building, you will eventually end up with front page placement for many phrases related to your business.

Here are a few of the items that Elite SEO Marketing looks at when determining exactly how to ensure your site’s first page placement:

On-Page Factors:
Arrangement of Elements: The search engines look at sites in a specific and identical manner, and the things they see first are given greater relevance than things that come later. That means that the first step in manipulating how the search engines see you is to arrange elements on the page in a way that puts your keywords front and center in the search engine’s eyes.

Keyword Density: Up to a certain point, the more often a keyword appears, the more relevance the search engines give your site for searches on that keyword. On the other hand, if it appears too often, the engines can slam you for ‘keyword stuffing’.

Meta Title: If your chosen keyword is in your meta title, search engines give you much more relevance than if it’s not. (Similarly, if your keyword is in the URL, that’s a huge boost to your relevance for that keyword, but it’s rare than such an alignment actually occurs.

Off-Page Factors
Backlinks: The amount of links that come in to your site (without ‘reciprocal’ links going back out), the authority of the site that they come from, and the words that are actually linked (the ‘anchor text’) all affect how search engines see your site. Incoming links are close to the only controllable off-page SEO element, and the most important SEO element by far. EliteSEOMarketing.com invests a huge amount of time and care in its link building campaigns in order to maximize the benefit of off-page SEO efforts.

By carefully examining your website, suggesting on-site changes, and engaging in a powerful link-building campaign, EliteSEOMarketing.com can get your site the attention you need it to have. In the meantime, a small investment in purchasing a first page placement will give you a preview of what organic SEO will be able to do in the long run.

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