Easy SEO For Beginners – What It’s All About

Every new website owner should really find the time to master a few key concepts in website SEO techniques for beginners. SEO is the one tried and tested true secret to getting people to locate and access your content and every other piece of content associated with it. Optimizing your site can be as easy as three phases.

#1- Look for keywords that you can match with your pages.

Keywords or phrases play an important role in any website. These are what users of search engines type into search fields to locate items, data, services or products. An initial search will immediately reveal if there is an available market for what you want to offer or sell.

After you determine that there is indeed a market for your goods, you then need to pinpoint which words you can use to associate with each of your pages. A good SEO guide will reveal right away that the best words are those that have high monthly searches but low competition levels.

When you’re done with phrase identification, you can then pair up your pages with the phrases that you’ve picked. Every page should have no more than two keywords or phrases identified with it.

#2- Put your keywords in certain areas in your web pages.

The real optimization step begins with putting keywords in all the best areas in your site. Clearly, you need to work around both your actual content title and body such that they end up with your keyword in them. After this, go ahead and insert the keyword too in your page tags for the title and the meta description. You may optionally include the keywords in the meta keywords as well.

Training guides tailored for website SEO for beginners often miss mentioning that focusing on keyword density is no longer very critical. Don’t fill your page content and tags with loads of key phrases. Doing this can only get your site in a bad light with search engines and you will fail to achieve any substantial results with this technique.

#3- Use other related key phrases for content you create outside of your pages.

You’ve only just begun with website optimization. Performing this won’t automatically get you page views. You need to build more content that you can submit to various other websites for your main site. Related content doesn’t have to be in text. You can also create videos. Once you send out your additional content, you can link your profiles or your resource boxes to your website so that your visitors will know where to find you.

There are many websites that let you publish your content for free. These include article directories and video sharing sites. You can also explore other ways of publishing content. You may for instance, contact well known webmasters or personalities in your niche and offer to create a guest post about your common topic. Some blog owners openly welcome guest posting.

SEO for beginners won’t take a long time for you to master. Begin with these steps and you will enjoy fantastic outcomes in a couple of weeks. If your content is really good and you are an absolute authority, you may not need to think of strategies beyond these three steps. SEO will help you get more interested visitors to your site who will stick around because of your good content.

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