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The Power of Video — Web Presenter As An Affordable SEO Strategy

Keeping track of which elements work for your website and which work against them is the core trick of affordable SEO: if something like a video web presenter makes more money than it costs, you have a winner. If you’re spending money and not getting a significant return, your efforts are worse than wasted, they’re wasteful.

So before you begin any major change to your website, it’s critical to note what your traffic, conversions, and income are, and how much the change costs. If after a month or three the improvement in traffic-to-income ratio isn’t better than it was before the change, it’s time to reconsider.

As is often the case in advertising, bigger splashes usually cost more to make. But occasionally, it’s possible to find a tactic that garners much more attention than it cost to produce. In the experience of the cost-benefit analysis team at, web presenters are startlingly effective, even when you take their moderately high cost into account.

A web presenter, to be precise, is a hired actor or actress that provides a short speech in video form. The presenter often pops up right over the text of a website, and can easily be clicked away by a surfer who has heard it before — but immediately grabs and hold the attention of a surfer who hasn’t! has a powerful all-in-house video team that makes video billboards and insert videos of all kinds, but specializes in web presenters. They know how to deliver your message in the most innovative and powerful ways.

Rather than a static text-based sales pitch that allows a surfer to roam and skim the parts of the message that he is interested in, a web presenter offers your message in a format that you want your customer to receive it in.

There are several ways in which web presenters can be used. The most common is to have your presenter simply start up upon the surfer reaching your website. You might also offer a button that triggers the presentation, though that can reduce it’s effectiveness considerably. Another option is to have your presenter pop up when the surfer hovers over the sales button, or tries to leave the page. These options can be very powerful — one can nail home a sales pitch that was on the verge of success; another can rescue a near-miss and turn it into a converting customer.

In fact, in terms of getting a great return on your investment — the very definition of affordable SEO — you might want to try several variations on how the web presenter pops up, what his or her precise message is, and even, if you want to wring out every last conversion, which actor or actress plays the part.

Regardless of how you end up using your web presenter, the combined expertise of EliteSEOMarketing indicates that there is a place for one in your affordable SEO plan — just get creative, and get your message across with style!

All Eyes On You: Mobile Website Design For First Page Placement

Getting first page placement on search engine results is really a matter of time and effort, but if you want your front-page website to look like anything other than a hot mess on a (non-’i') phone, you need a mobile website design team in your pocket. Millions of people surf the ‘net on their phones and other mobile devices daily, and if they can’t see your site, you’ve got a vast untapped audience waiting for you.

First page placement on the search engines means more visitors — literally hundreds of times more for some search phrases — than second-page placement. The goal of any internet marketing organization should be to get your site on the first page of the major search engines for the long haul. It’s a long, laborious process of showing off your site’s authority by getting other authoritative sites to link to it, and it takes a lot of experience combined with cutting-edge understanding of the latest developments in search engine algorithms.

While you wait for the long-term first page placement efforts to take hold, you can (and should) consider, in the meantime, taking the shortcut and purchasing a place on the first page. That, in and of itself, is a venture that takes quite a bit of expertise, but’s internet marketing experts are intimately familiar with the process and can make sure it goes off as efficiently as possible for you.

As mentioned above, however, no matter how you get on the first page of the search results, if you don’t have a mobile website design for your business page, it won’t show up on 90% of mobile readers out there. Since the entire goal of being on the first page is to attract readers, you don’t want to alienate the millions of mobile surfers out there with a website that they can’t read. Especially when it’s relatively easy, if you have the right mobile website development team on your side, to have a site that can be read by people at home or on the go.

It might seem like a small section of the market, but just like humankind once graduated from horse-drawn carriages to Model-Ts, more and more people take their internet ‘to go’ every single day. From iPhones to Blackberries to Kindles, the ability to take your internet with you wherever you go has never been taken for granted as much as it is today. Wireless hot spots like the entire city of Portland, Oregon are cropping up across the globe, making even laptops a viable source of portable internet in many parts of the world.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve — and your competitors — it’s vital that you market your website to every possible audience and through every possible channel. That means getting your first page placement proudly in front of the eyes of everyone you can, including mobile surfers who might otherwise never have the chance to become your loyal customers.

Top Of The Results In Los Angeles: SEO And The Press Release Service

If you’re just getting into the Internet business in Los Angeles, SEO and it’s relationship to a solid press release service are going to become very familiar to you. SEO — or Search Engine Optimization — is the art of getting your page to show up on the front page of Google, Bing, and the like (for relevant searches, of course.) Press releases are short blurbs that announce relevant news to the world at large. How do the two relate? First, let’s look a little deeper at each one.

Search Engine Optimiztion
SEO is broken up into two elements; the on-page element and the off-page element. On-page SEO consists of making your website look as good as it can to the search engines, so that they most easily recognize what it’s about. Off-page SEO is the art of showing the search engines that your site is valuable by creating high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites to your own site.

Those backlinks, in an ideal world, would come from people who just plain like your site enough to link to it. But in the real world, you have to create your own backlinks. Writing and distributing articles, guest posting on blogs, creating social networking pages about your company, and, of course, putting out press releases are excellent ways of creating backlinks for yourself.

Press Releases
A press release can be used to make just about any announcement that the public at large might consider newsworthy. The opening of a new local Los Angeles business is just such an event — but you can also use them to announce changes that your customers should know about, such as finding a new vendor for a rare item. The more newsworthy the item sounds, the more effective the press release will be.

A press release backlink carries a lot of ‘weight’ in the eyes of the search engines, who value news more than almost anything else. The press release itself will likely rank very high in the search engine results, and anyone who reads it and clicks through to your website is a future customer waiting to be. But in addition, the backlink from the press release will help your website itself get ranked more highly.

Of course, a press release that ranks highly and then is written poorly will only turn lots and lots of people off to your business all over Los Angeles, SEO value aside. That’s why having professional writers like the press release experts at is an absolute necessity. Professional press release writers have studied the art of writing headlines that capture attention, opening paragraphs that hook the reader and draw them into the release, and calls to action that will have many readers clicking through to look at your site.

If you want to get the attention of customers across Los Angeles, SEO is your long-term strategy, but a solid press release is an opening gambit that will get the ball rolling quickly — don’t ignore either in your quest for the number one spot.

Custom Blog Creation — A Killer App For Website SEO

Basically, any effort you make to get your web page higher up on the search engines falls under the umbrella of “website SEO” (Search Engine Optimization); one of the most efficient ways that you can optimize your web page is by starting a blog relevant to what the site’s topic is.

A blog serves a few distinct purposes when it comes to website SEO:

Attaching Content
“Content is King,” the collective wisdom of thousands of Internet gurus tell us. Search engines love high-content and frequently-updated websites like blogs. A web page designed to make you money, however, rarely changes content. You want to get that content as effective as it can be and then stop messing with it. So the first function of a blog is to link an ongoing source of high-quality content to your sales page, giving it some of the ‘juice’ that your blog enjoys just for being a blog.

Driving Traffic
The more posts that have been added to your blog, the more chance the search engines have to link to it, and the more traffic it attracts. With it’s mostly-static content, your website doesn’t ever develop a wide ‘net’ of attractive pages for a search engine to link to — but a blog does. And as more eyes get on your blog, more people will click through to your site, and some of them will convert into customers, and that means money in your pocket.

Making Money
A blog doesn’t have to do a lot to make money for you. Sell a little bit of advertising space, or if you get enough traffic even a banner of Google Adsense can, at the minimum, pay for the hosting and domain name of the blog itself. Making money should never be the primary purpose of a business-related blog, but there’s no reason to turn down an opportunity to profit a little bit.

Knocking the Competition Off The Block
Your competition — the pages higher than you on the search engine results — is coming in higher than you because, for whatever reason, the search engine believes their sales page is somehow more valuable to searchers than yours is. The search engines look for quality content, of course, they look for lots of it. If your blog grows organically and is filled with quality content, eventually, it will overwhelm the efforts your competition is making, and put you in his spot.

The custom blog creation services at provide your business with an easy and effective way to create the kind of blog that will maximize its website SEO effects on your sales page. They take care of everything, from the blog’s setup and maintenance to creating the kind of quality, attractive content that Google loves.

The takeaway lesson here is short, but powerful: start a blog, update it regularly with high-quality content, and link often to your main site. If you don’t have the time and energy to do it well, don’t do it at all — hire a service like to do it for you.

Widening Your Funnel With Directory Submission and Social Bookmarking

Your sales funnel is the process by which you guide potential customers to your website;
directory submission and social bookmarking efforts form a powerful and often-untapped part of an effective sales funnel. The goal of each is simple: to get a link to your site in front of as many eyes as possible using ultra-modern technologies that have huge amounts of people using them.

Directory Submission

There are two kinds of directories on the ‘net. The first are quality, hand-managed directories that range in size from phonebook-style sites to tiny, highly specialized directories that only list (as a random example) companies that perform non-destructive tests of raw oil storage facilities. You want your site to be listed on as many of these as are relevant to your business.

The second kind of directory is called a ‘link farm’, and it’s pretty much the opposite of the above: it’s a massive collection of links that accept any website that’s submitted via their automated website without regard to subject, quality, or even whether or not the site actually exists. You want to avoid these; merely having your site linked to by them makes it look worse in the eyes of the search engines.

The directory submission service at is a powerful one, full of people who know about thousands of directories — both to avoid and to go out of your way to get listed on. The more high-quality directories your site is a part of, the more surfers will see your link when they look for businesses of your type, which means better business for you.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is essentially the act of posting a link to a site that shares your links with anyone interested. Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit are perfect examples: you tell those sites about a page, and if people vote that they like it, it gets more eyes on it. Get enough votes, and you could ‘go viral’ and end up getting linked to from all over the ‘net.

Social bookmarks are great links for the purposes of getting the search engines’ attention. They also bring targeted traffic that comes to your site knowing what to expect — which increases the likelihood that they’ll stick around and read a bit. The short description that gets posted along with every link is critical; it determines how many people actually pay attention to your link.

Writing that description well is exactly the purpose of hiring a social bookmarking team like the one at That, and taking the time to go through and use those writing skills on each of the many dozens of social bookmarking sites that are out there.

Taken individually, the tools of social bookmarking and directory submission are powerful when done properly, and insidiously undermining when done wrong. As part of an overall SEO plan, properly performed submission and bookmarking provide huge leverage in the quest for that all-important first page placement.

E-Business Building Basics: Affordable SEO and PPC Management

There are two essential aspects to any drive to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs): starting a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign for immediate traffic, and initiating strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to drive organic traffic. Ideally,  as the SEO takes hold, the need for continuous spending on PPC traffic will diminish until it vanishes entirely.

PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising shouldn’t ever be considered a long-term solution for driving traffic to your business, but it has it’s place. It makes an excellent tool for testing various sites’ conversion rates quickly, for example. More importantly, it also gives a startup site a significant surge of traffic that can be used to get ‘established’ in the eyes of the search engines.

PPC advertising is not, however, an easy thing to jump into. Or rather, it’s easy to jump into, but you’ll lose your shirt doing it. To properly finesse a PPC campaign requires a level of expertise that most business owners and employees simply don’t have the time to achieve. That’s why groups like EliteSEOMarketing offer PPC management at a very reasonable price.

To put it bluntly, investing a small amount in a solid PPC manager will turn your campaign from a massive monetary sinkhole into a profitable process that will more than pay for itself.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the art of making the search engines love your site enough to put them high up in the SERPs. There are many elements to the process, from a myriad of on-page SEO tricks involving the specific layout, meta tags, and wording on your page to a time-consuming and easy-to-bungle off-page link building campaign.

The number of ways it’s possible to screw up your SEO are impossible to count, but there are only a few ways to do it properly, and like PPC, they can take years to master. Affordable SEO services like those offered by EliteSEOMarketing offer experienced SEO experts who will, over time, drive your page to the first page of the SERPs — which means a huge boost in traffic for your business.

While some experts believe that it’s conceivable for a business owner to learn on-page SEO well enough to do it himself, it’s difficult and time-consuming — and the (far more important) off-page SEO is triply so. It’s far wiser for a businessman to invest up front in an affordable SEO service. It takes a while to have a noticeable effect, but once the effects kick in, they don’t ever go away.

SEO services are the natural counterpart to PPC, slowly taking the burden off of your PPC campaign (and thus reducing ongoing costs) until you can rely on natural traffic alone to sustain your business. By choosing an affordable SEO service to complement a strong PPC management team, your business will see an immediate boost in growth while setting itself up for long-term success.

Boost Your Bottom Line With Forum Posting And Blog Posting

When it comes to building organic traffic to your website, backlinks have two immediate positive effects. First, you put your website in front of the eyes of anyone looking where your backlink is posted. More importantly, you get a boost in your site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines, particularly if your backlink is from a trusted site.

Forum posting and blog posting are two easy ways to get a lot of quality backlinks to your site. Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but the bottom line is that both drive traffic, which means money in your pocket.

Blog Posting
There are two sides to the concept of blog posting: posting on your own blog and posting on other people’s blogs.

Posting on your own blog is an easy way to drive natural traffic along the scenic route to your website. Google loves blog posts, and the more focused your blog, the higher it will naturally appear on Google’s results pages for the search terms that appear most often on the blog. A visitor will see a link to your blog post on Google or perhaps somewhere that it’s been republished, and click through to read the post. Then, it’s up to you to get him from there to your point-of-sale.

Guest posting is effectively just like posting on your blog, except you’re reaching a different set of readers (which is good for business), and you’re getting a high-quality backlink to your blog from a related site, which is good for getting onto Google’s front pages. Finding appropriate blogs to guest post on (and arranging the guest posting event) can be a challenge for a busy blogger, so hiring a group like EliteSEOMarketing can be a powerful option, as their experts can handle those complexity with ease and years of experience.

EliteSEOMarketing can even arrange to have experts ghostwrite your blog posts for you, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. It’s critical to update your blog frequently, because your readers expect fresh content — and so does Google.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is a challenging but potentially very profitable exercise. Forum posting takes some time, but the right forum can turn into a source of almost continuous traffic and sales on you site.

The first element of forum posting is to establish yourself on the forum, and build a relationship with some of the locals. Forum denizens tend to be insular and support their own; if you register a forum account, toss off a couple of ads, and leave, you’ll be ignored at best and permanently banned at worst.

The best route is to actually become involved in the forum. Get to know the people, the topics, and their problems. Offer them posts that have valuable information and insight, and after you’ve gotten a name for yourself, slip your URL into your signature with a short description of what it is. You instantly get hundreds of eyes on your URL, and if you’ve done a good job picking a forum that’s relevant to your site, you’ll get traffic immediately.

Of course, all of this takes time and energy, so like many other tasks, you might want to delegate it to a professional. has a team of forum experts that will be more than happy to put in the time and effort on your behalf.

Local Internet Marketing: The Power of First Page Placement

If you’ve ever used Google, you know how incredibly rare it is for a surfer to read something that doesn’t have that all-important first page placement. After all, Google’s business is to give you exactly what you’re looking for — if you have to click on to Page 2 or higher, Google is essentially failing at it’s job.

From the other side of the fence, your organic traffic is essentially zero if you don’t have first page placement for at least a few solid search terms. Organic SEO is the art of making sure that your website is on that first page and gets eyes on it. It’s not a rapid process — Google respects age and long-term interest much more than flash-in-the-pan sites.

Of course, organic SEO isn’t your only option. You can purchase a first page placement, and if you’re serious about your business, you should — at least until the organic SEO kicks in and you can be on the first page without having to pay. The head-start the extra money will trigger is very worthwhile.

As you end up on the top searches for some phrases, Google will start to see your site in a better light. With ongoing organic SEO efforts including on-page efforts like careful consideration of keyword placement and density and off-page efforts like backlink building, you will eventually end up with front page placement for many phrases related to your business.

Here are a few of the items that Elite SEO Marketing looks at when determining exactly how to ensure your site’s first page placement:

On-Page Factors:
Arrangement of Elements: The search engines look at sites in a specific and identical manner, and the things they see first are given greater relevance than things that come later. That means that the first step in manipulating how the search engines see you is to arrange elements on the page in a way that puts your keywords front and center in the search engine’s eyes.

Keyword Density: Up to a certain point, the more often a keyword appears, the more relevance the search engines give your site for searches on that keyword. On the other hand, if it appears too often, the engines can slam you for ‘keyword stuffing’.

Meta Title: If your chosen keyword is in your meta title, search engines give you much more relevance than if it’s not. (Similarly, if your keyword is in the URL, that’s a huge boost to your relevance for that keyword, but it’s rare than such an alignment actually occurs.

Off-Page Factors
Backlinks: The amount of links that come in to your site (without ‘reciprocal’ links going back out), the authority of the site that they come from, and the words that are actually linked (the ‘anchor text’) all affect how search engines see your site. Incoming links are close to the only controllable off-page SEO element, and the most important SEO element by far. invests a huge amount of time and care in its link building campaigns in order to maximize the benefit of off-page SEO efforts.

By carefully examining your website, suggesting on-site changes, and engaging in a powerful link-building campaign, can get your site the attention you need it to have. In the meantime, a small investment in purchasing a first page placement will give you a preview of what organic SEO will be able to do in the long run.

An Article Writing and Distribution Service Makes Killer Organic SEO

Article writing and distribution has such an incredible effect on organic SEO efforts, it’s hard to overstate the importance of such a service to a website. There are two elements that give such a service it’s power: the ability to naturally drive organic, targeted traffic to your website; and the ability to provide high-quality backlinks to raise your site’s position on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Organic SEO equals Organic Traffic
The first major element of article writing and distribution is to get your articles in front of the eyes of your readers. The correct distribution techniques will put your articles on high-ranking pages that are frequently republished on blogs and e-zines, which means lots of opportunities for a reader to come across your article.

Once the reader does, it’s up to your article writing service to put meaningful, valuable content in front of their eyes. The title must be instantly engaging, the opening paragraph interesting enough to inspire further reading, and the call-to-action at the end must strongly persuade the reader to click and continue reading on your website.

The expert writers at know their craft, and can put together articles that lead the reader from the SERPs all the way through the article and onto your website in an organic and effective way.

Backlink Building
Of course, it’s equally important to make sure your website appears high on the SERPs itself, and an article writing and submission service can help with that as well. It’s well-known that part of the algorithm used to establish the order of pages on the SERPs consists of the number and authority of links pointing to your website from off-site.

A well-written article will lend itself ‘authority’ in the eyes of the search engines, and when placed on a popular article directory with a high main-page PageRank, will transfer a lot of that authority onto the site it links to — yours. Place a few dozen — or even a few hundred — onto several different high-PageRank article directories, and suddenly the search engines see lots of high-quality, authoritative backlinks pointing to your website, and it shoots upward in the SERPs.

The SEO experts at have spent years learning how to write and distribute articles to give them maximum authority and provide your site with the best possible variety of strong incoming links. Combined with the natural traffic from the articles themselves, the ranking effect of those backlinks represents one of the strongest possible marketing opportunities for any business.

Small Business SEO – How to Grow Your Startup with Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted Email marketing, put succinctly, is the art of sending Emails — first to a customized list, and later to a list you build yourself — to get people to spend money on your product or service. The process is broken down into four basic steps: collecting Email addresses, preparing landing pages, writing Emails, and tracking results.

Collecting Email Addresses
Ultimately, a targeted Email marketing process involves you putting up a ‘squeeze page’ on your website — a page designed to collect Email addresses in exchange for some free information, usually in the form of an informational .pdf or a series of educational newsletters. Initially, however, you’ll need to gather your Email list from a professional targeted Email marketing resource like Either way, you should also be adding the Email addresses of every customer that buys from you to your list — once they’ve proven they’re willing to spend money on you, they’re much more likely to do so again.

Preparing Landing Pages
The page that your targeted Emails link to is called a landing page. Your landing page needs to be visually clean, highly informative about the product or service being offered, and allow for a sale right on the page without further clicking. The best landing pages offer an opportunity for a sale immediately upon following the link (i.e. above the fold), but also offer a wealth of information below for the people who need a bit more convincing. Often, your homepage can be your landing page, but in the case of a business that needs a cleaner corporate image, creating a special landing page is advisable.

Writing Emails
The amount of advice available to would-be Email marketers on how to write their Emails is enormous, often self-contradictory, and up to much debate. The basic process, however, is simple: give your readers valuable information, connect it to the product or service you offer, and then pre-sell the product or service and provide a link to the landing page. The other details can vary, but you must always focus first on giving the reader something interesting enough to keep him from listing your Emails as spam.

Tracking Results
Every collection of Email addresses has it’s own collective ‘personality’, and that will affect what tactics and pitches work best on that collection. If you don’t track your results, you’ll never know what you should repeat, and you can’t do any organized testing to see what works. It might seem like a lot of administrative detail at first, but in the long run, tracking your results will improve the efficacy of your targeted Email marketing campaign enormously.

Targeted Email marketing campaigns are an amazingly powerful tool for driving traffic and sales as well as simply staying in touch with your existing customers and continuing to add value to their lives. The writers at offer a variety of services, including assistance with every step of the targeted Email marketing process.