A Guide to Design a Mobile Website

The spread of the internet service to media other than the computer has given rise to the novel concept of a mobile website. This has increased the scope of reaching out to a wider consumer base by employing the means of mobile website designing. The major considerations that go into building the perfect mobile website should revolve around the compatibility of a full website on the screen and software o PDAs and cell phones. The statistics show that every minute more than a thousand mobile phone users are added to the already existing database of a couple of billions. To capitalize on this ever growing opportunity, getting started with your own mobile website designing is a must-do.

• Basic Principles

Currently, cell phones use the WAP technology to browse the internet. This technology is not without its inherent limitations. The most fundamental concept of mobile website designing is that the procedure for a website to load onto a computer is essentially different from loading it onto a mobile phone. So, it is necessary to verify the compatibility of your website design and construction with cell phone applications. The W3C has issued certain directives that can be adhered to, to ensure a fully compatible mobile website. Aspects like the use of tables must be avoided as far as possible, while designing a mobile website. These do not look good on the mobile, and in fact, are more difficult to navigate. Further, CSS layout will give you the most compatible website that you can hope to create. Such tips are widely available on the internet, and a thorough research of these basic principles of a mobile website will go a long way in forging a success story.

• Building your own mobile website

The easiest way to generate a mobile friendly website is to alter or modify your currently computer compatible website. These modifications will hardly take time, and you will be able to accomplish your objective rather speedily.

If however, you wish to draw up a completely new plan for your mobile website, it could be a good idea too. You can design the look that will give your products or services the best platform on cell phones, and make use of certain exclusive applications. The Wireless Markup Language or WML is the most widely used programming language for mobile website designing. WML being a light weight version of HTML, it gives your website a more compact size, helping it to load faster, and with greater accuracy. The procedure to write a WML code on notepad is available on the internet, so that need not pose a difficulty. By using certain software though, you can also employ HTML to program your mobile websites if you are more comfortable in that domain. The step by step guide to this end is also widely available online.

Many web designing companies today are opting for mobile website designing as a service. You might prefer to outsource these operations to ensure a professional look for your website.

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