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Boost Your Bottom Line With Forum Posting And Blog Posting

When it comes to building organic traffic to your website, backlinks have two immediate positive effects. First, you put your website in front of the eyes of anyone looking where your backlink is posted. More importantly, you get a boost in your site’s authority in the eyes of the search engines, particularly if your backlink is from a trusted site.

Forum posting and blog posting are two easy ways to get a lot of quality backlinks to your site. Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but the bottom line is that both drive traffic, which means money in your pocket.

Blog Posting
There are two sides to the concept of blog posting: posting on your own blog and posting on other people’s blogs.

Posting on your own blog is an easy way to drive natural traffic along the scenic route to your website. Google loves blog posts, and the more focused your blog, the higher it will naturally appear on Google’s results pages for the search terms that appear most often on the blog. A visitor will see a link to your blog post on Google or perhaps somewhere that it’s been republished, and click through to read the post. Then, it’s up to you to get him from there to your point-of-sale.

Guest posting is effectively just like posting on your blog, except you’re reaching a different set of readers (which is good for business), and you’re getting a high-quality backlink to your blog from a related site, which is good for getting onto Google’s front pages. Finding appropriate blogs to guest post on (and arranging the guest posting event) can be a challenge for a busy blogger, so hiring a group like EliteSEOMarketing can be a powerful option, as their experts can handle those complexity with ease and years of experience.

EliteSEOMarketing can even arrange to have experts ghostwrite your blog posts for you, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. It’s critical to update your blog frequently, because your readers expect fresh content — and so does Google.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is a challenging but potentially very profitable exercise. Forum posting takes some time, but the right forum can turn into a source of almost continuous traffic and sales on you site.

The first element of forum posting is to establish yourself on the forum, and build a relationship with some of the locals. Forum denizens tend to be insular and support their own; if you register a forum account, toss off a couple of ads, and leave, you’ll be ignored at best and permanently banned at worst.

The best route is to actually become involved in the forum. Get to know the people, the topics, and their problems. Offer them posts that have valuable information and insight, and after you’ve gotten a name for yourself, slip your URL into your signature with a short description of what it is. You instantly get hundreds of eyes on your URL, and if you’ve done a good job picking a forum that’s relevant to your site, you’ll get traffic immediately.

Of course, all of this takes time and energy, so like many other tasks, you might want to delegate it to a professional. has a team of forum experts that will be more than happy to put in the time and effort on your behalf.

Local Internet Marketing: The Power of First Page Placement

If you’ve ever used Google, you know how incredibly rare it is for a surfer to read something that doesn’t have that all-important first page placement. After all, Google’s business is to give you exactly what you’re looking for — if you have to click on to Page 2 or higher, Google is essentially failing at it’s job.

From the other side of the fence, your organic traffic is essentially zero if you don’t have first page placement for at least a few solid search terms. Organic SEO is the art of making sure that your website is on that first page and gets eyes on it. It’s not a rapid process — Google respects age and long-term interest much more than flash-in-the-pan sites.

Of course, organic SEO isn’t your only option. You can purchase a first page placement, and if you’re serious about your business, you should — at least until the organic SEO kicks in and you can be on the first page without having to pay. The head-start the extra money will trigger is very worthwhile.

As you end up on the top searches for some phrases, Google will start to see your site in a better light. With ongoing organic SEO efforts including on-page efforts like careful consideration of keyword placement and density and off-page efforts like backlink building, you will eventually end up with front page placement for many phrases related to your business.

Here are a few of the items that Elite SEO Marketing looks at when determining exactly how to ensure your site’s first page placement:

On-Page Factors:
Arrangement of Elements: The search engines look at sites in a specific and identical manner, and the things they see first are given greater relevance than things that come later. That means that the first step in manipulating how the search engines see you is to arrange elements on the page in a way that puts your keywords front and center in the search engine’s eyes.

Keyword Density: Up to a certain point, the more often a keyword appears, the more relevance the search engines give your site for searches on that keyword. On the other hand, if it appears too often, the engines can slam you for ‘keyword stuffing’.

Meta Title: If your chosen keyword is in your meta title, search engines give you much more relevance than if it’s not. (Similarly, if your keyword is in the URL, that’s a huge boost to your relevance for that keyword, but it’s rare than such an alignment actually occurs.

Off-Page Factors
Backlinks: The amount of links that come in to your site (without ‘reciprocal’ links going back out), the authority of the site that they come from, and the words that are actually linked (the ‘anchor text’) all affect how search engines see your site. Incoming links are close to the only controllable off-page SEO element, and the most important SEO element by far. invests a huge amount of time and care in its link building campaigns in order to maximize the benefit of off-page SEO efforts.

By carefully examining your website, suggesting on-site changes, and engaging in a powerful link-building campaign, can get your site the attention you need it to have. In the meantime, a small investment in purchasing a first page placement will give you a preview of what organic SEO will be able to do in the long run.

An Article Writing and Distribution Service Makes Killer Organic SEO

Article writing and distribution has such an incredible effect on organic SEO efforts, it’s hard to overstate the importance of such a service to a website. There are two elements that give such a service it’s power: the ability to naturally drive organic, targeted traffic to your website; and the ability to provide high-quality backlinks to raise your site’s position on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Organic SEO equals Organic Traffic
The first major element of article writing and distribution is to get your articles in front of the eyes of your readers. The correct distribution techniques will put your articles on high-ranking pages that are frequently republished on blogs and e-zines, which means lots of opportunities for a reader to come across your article.

Once the reader does, it’s up to your article writing service to put meaningful, valuable content in front of their eyes. The title must be instantly engaging, the opening paragraph interesting enough to inspire further reading, and the call-to-action at the end must strongly persuade the reader to click and continue reading on your website.

The expert writers at know their craft, and can put together articles that lead the reader from the SERPs all the way through the article and onto your website in an organic and effective way.

Backlink Building
Of course, it’s equally important to make sure your website appears high on the SERPs itself, and an article writing and submission service can help with that as well. It’s well-known that part of the algorithm used to establish the order of pages on the SERPs consists of the number and authority of links pointing to your website from off-site.

A well-written article will lend itself ‘authority’ in the eyes of the search engines, and when placed on a popular article directory with a high main-page PageRank, will transfer a lot of that authority onto the site it links to — yours. Place a few dozen — or even a few hundred — onto several different high-PageRank article directories, and suddenly the search engines see lots of high-quality, authoritative backlinks pointing to your website, and it shoots upward in the SERPs.

The SEO experts at have spent years learning how to write and distribute articles to give them maximum authority and provide your site with the best possible variety of strong incoming links. Combined with the natural traffic from the articles themselves, the ranking effect of those backlinks represents one of the strongest possible marketing opportunities for any business.