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Small Business SEO – How to Grow Your Startup with Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted Email marketing, put succinctly, is the art of sending Emails — first to a customized list, and later to a list you build yourself — to get people to spend money on your product or service. The process is broken down into four basic steps: collecting Email addresses, preparing landing pages, writing Emails, and tracking results.

Collecting Email Addresses
Ultimately, a targeted Email marketing process involves you putting up a ‘squeeze page’ on your website — a page designed to collect Email addresses in exchange for some free information, usually in the form of an informational .pdf or a series of educational newsletters. Initially, however, you’ll need to gather your Email list from a professional targeted Email marketing resource like Either way, you should also be adding the Email addresses of every customer that buys from you to your list — once they’ve proven they’re willing to spend money on you, they’re much more likely to do so again.

Preparing Landing Pages
The page that your targeted Emails link to is called a landing page. Your landing page needs to be visually clean, highly informative about the product or service being offered, and allow for a sale right on the page without further clicking. The best landing pages offer an opportunity for a sale immediately upon following the link (i.e. above the fold), but also offer a wealth of information below for the people who need a bit more convincing. Often, your homepage can be your landing page, but in the case of a business that needs a cleaner corporate image, creating a special landing page is advisable.

Writing Emails
The amount of advice available to would-be Email marketers on how to write their Emails is enormous, often self-contradictory, and up to much debate. The basic process, however, is simple: give your readers valuable information, connect it to the product or service you offer, and then pre-sell the product or service and provide a link to the landing page. The other details can vary, but you must always focus first on giving the reader something interesting enough to keep him from listing your Emails as spam.

Tracking Results
Every collection of Email addresses has it’s own collective ‘personality’, and that will affect what tactics and pitches work best on that collection. If you don’t track your results, you’ll never know what you should repeat, and you can’t do any organized testing to see what works. It might seem like a lot of administrative detail at first, but in the long run, tracking your results will improve the efficacy of your targeted Email marketing campaign enormously.

Targeted Email marketing campaigns are an amazingly powerful tool for driving traffic and sales as well as simply staying in touch with your existing customers and continuing to add value to their lives. The writers at offer a variety of services, including assistance with every step of the targeted Email marketing process.

Get to know about PPC Management

PPC or Pay per click is an essential part of the SEO process. It is often neglected by many people, but PPC management is a great SEO tool if used properly.

Advantages of PPC Management

There are many advantages of a PPC campaign. Some of them are:

  • Speed: PPC campaigns work really fast. You do not have to wait for the crawlers of search engines to crawl your website.

  • Traffic: PPC management means extra traffic towards your website. This strategy is especially beneficial when the search phrases are extremely competitive. PPC can help you get high search engine rankings while you can keep you SEO efforts aside for more productive targets.
  • Ease: PPC Management is relatively easy and effortless and requires proficiency only in keyword research and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
  • No Change Required: It does not require the website to be changed. There is no requirement of change in content or aesthetic appearance.
  • Return on Investment: You can easily measure your ROI on PPC management campaign. Different stats like cost per conversion help you to calculate your ROI. The results are quite accurate and fast.


There are obviously some drawbacks of the PPC campaign, and therefore many people are afraid of going into it.

  • Cost: The costs of PPC campaigns are high due to tight competition for the most popular key phrases. The more sought after a key phrase is, the costlier it will be.
  • Longevity: You will get traffic towards your website, only as long as you keep paying for it.

Some tips for an effective PPC management campaign

Keyword strategy: You have to rigorously analyze the keywords to find the most popular ones. If you find it too hard, you can consult a professional. Elite SEO Marketing is an SEO provider service that can provide you help with PPC campaign.

Monitor the campaign: After launching some PPC advertisements, keep monitoring the traffic to see if the keywords are working.

Follow these tips and make sure you are well aware of how PPC management works before you set foot in it. if you have no idea how it works, it is better you get professional services.

Advantages of Article Writing and Distribution

There are a number of benefits of article writing and distribution services. You can write your articles and post them to various directories for high quality back links.  This can provide you good amount of website traffic without a lot of effort. For article writing and distribution, you can either:

1. Write and distribute articles yourself, or

2. Get them written and distributed by special SEO service providers.

If you are writing your own articles, you can ‘sprinkle’ some keywords related to your products or services in the articles and post them on various directories to get good back links. If you want to take the help of SEO providers, you can get services from expert providers like Elite SEO Marketing.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of article submission:

1. Write a good article, and use appropriate keywords, and your article can be listed on the top ranks of major search engines.

2. Many people visit these directories and read their articles. Sometimes there are hundreds or even thousands of readers, and each read could possibly lead to a click.

3. With the help of high ranking directories, you can get high page rank for your website.

Article spinning software: I would like to discuss briefly about article spinners as many people use them for article writing and distribution purpose. Most article spinning software applications are not consistent and generate articles that do not make much sense. If you are using article spinning software, make sure you scrutinize each article manually before submitting it to the directory.

In fact, getting professional help is better than investing in article spinning software, as most of these applications give out junk articles (barring a few- and those too need a lot of manual work).

Summarizing, it would be appropriate to say that article writing and distribution is definitely an easy way of getting quality traffic towards your website. You can leave your website URL in the author description box, which could act as a back link. If you do not have much knowledge about this thing, its better you call professionals.