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Getting Affordable SEO

There are many companies that provide you SEO services and their prices vary from one company to another. How do you get affordable SEO services, and what do you look out for? Let’s take a look:

1. When a company says that it will get you the number one rank on Google for the lowest charges, they might not be lying. They might get you the number one rank at lowest prices, but the question is, for which keywords? The number one rank might be for the company name itself. Let me explain you in simple terms. Let’s say your company’s name is Acme Solutions, then for the keyword ‘Acme Solutions’, it would automatically be on the first rank. There is no SEO magic there. So you need to make sure that your website ranks high on major search engines, but for relevant keywords.

2. What do they offer for lowest charges? Generally, the SEO companies have package deals.  They have different packages with different offers. You might pick the package with lowest charges, but will it really help you with the SEO? It would be beneficial to go with a slightly expensive package, but one that actually does the SEO trick.

3. Are they providing maintenance? Some SEO companies, like Elite SEO Marketing, provide maintenance in case you want something changed. But there are many companies that go for one time SEO, and that’s that. So make sure that the company you select has the reputation of providing maintenance services.

Before you get affordable SEO services from any company, it is always better to research a bit about it, and then take a decision. When it comes to SEO, the cheapest market prices might not always be the best. You have to find a trade off between the prices of the SEO services and the quality of their work. Evaluate a company from its feedbacks. You can look for their feedbacks on the internet, or even ask your friends and relatives for references regarding good SEO companies.

Getting affordable SEO is easy, but you need to know the difference between good company and bad one.

How can a Web Presenter Help your Website

There are people who try to make their websites interesting and engaging for visitors but no matter what they do, things just don’t work out. If this is the case with you, you might want a little help from a web presenter.

A web presenter is someone who presents your website to your audience. When people come to any website, they usually feel lazy to read through all the long and boring text. They prefer listening or rather watching someone speak. Wouldn’t you prefer to get someone to explain you stuff rather than reading the boring bits? A web presenter does just that. He tells you about the website in a short video. A web presenter can be male of female- his or her job is to explain the products or services verbally.

Finding a good web presenter might be difficult so you can take help from special agencies to get trained web presenters. One such agency is Elite SEO Marketing. You can request a web presentation from trained web presenters, and this video presentation can be embedded in your site.

Did you know that the audience needs a ‘hook’ to stay on? This hook is something that will hold them on to your website. A web presenter makes your website more interesting, and gives them the hook.

If you want a good presentation, you can also show a demonstration of how your products or services work. If you have a product or service that is complex to operate, then it is a good idea to explain it using a video.

You can also use a web presenter that walks on the screen while explaining stuff to your viewers. These kinds of web presenters are also getting popular.

If you are going to select a web presenter for your website, make sure than

1. He/she has a pleasing personality

2. He/she has a clear and crisp voice

3. He/she talks directly to the audience

4. He/she is convincing in his/her way of speaking

But in case you are considering hiring a web presenter from a reputed firm, you don’t have to worry about these things, as their presenters are already well-qualified and well-trained.

How to get on with manual directory submission

What is manual directory submission, and why is it beneficial? SEO works both on page and off page. When we talk about off page SEO, we talk about leaving back links to our website. Manual directory submission is an important part in building a good Page Rank. Submit your articles on high ranking article directories and build the PR of your own website- it’s a tested and true method.

How to start with manual directory submission?

Write some good quality articles that give information or knowledge on some particular topic. If you think that you are not a good writer, you can hire some experts in this area. Elite SEO Marketing is an SEO firm that deals with directory submission as well. If you want manual directory submission, you can contact them.

But if you are a good writer, and have enough time on your hands, you can work on manual directory submission on your own. Once you have written articles, you can post them on various article directories like ezinearticles, articlebase, squidoo, hubpages etc.

When you post your articles there, you will get to fill out the author’s bio. You can leave a link to your website in that area. This will increase your site’s page rank.

There are hundreds of article directories, and if you feel that you cannot submit your articles on them yourself, then I would advise you to take the help of an SEO firm that offers directory submission services. Here are some services that they can provide you:

  • One way permanent links
  • Submission reports
  • Customer services
  • Reviews and updating links

Manual directory submission is not just posting articles and forgetting about them. If you update your URL, or shift to another domain name, you have to change the URL from your author bio at article submission sites.

Now that you do have an idea of directory submission, you can either write your own articles and submit them, or get them written from writers. Or better still, you can contact an SEO service. This will increase you page rank and get you on top of search engine results.