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Making money by forum posting

Forum posting is another trend to earn more money by getting more traffic to your website. Let us first understand what a forum is. An online forum is a place where people post topics of their interest, and other people reply to them. It is like an online discussion board.

Forums have emerged as high traffic websites, and are a par with social bookmarking and social networking sites. Forums are getting popular, as people post their problems there, and get solutions from real people who have expertise in that area. These forums are open for all registered members.

Why do forums get so much traffic? It is because these forums are live platforms for open discussion regarding anything. People are able to interact with others and this is what makes them so interesting.

Paid forum posting

You can post answers on various forums to get more traffic to your website. It is because the more people read your posts on the forum, the more traffic will be towards your website, and traffic means money. Forums allow people to put author boxes below their profile. When you answer people’s questions, you will get the image of a leader or a mentor. You can put your website URL in your author box. People will get interested in your profile, and would like to click on the link, thus generating more traffic towards your website.

But that is not all, some forums also want forum posters and they pay them for their services, so you can actually post on topics of your interest, which will get you more traffic, as well as money from writing posts.

Simple steps towards money

1. Create a user id in a forum that has high Google PR.

2. Fill your profile, and put relevant information about yourself.

3. It is recommended that you post at least 10 posts per day on each forum.

4. Add links to your website or monetized blogs in your signature. (Make sure it is allowed by the forum administration).

5. Keep posting on a regular basis.

If you feel that this will take up too much of your time, then you can hire someone to do this job for you. Elite SEO Marketing provides great forum posting services. Make sure that you try this method, as forum posting brings a lot of traffic to your site.

Best sites for Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites allow you to tag your favorite sites, and organize them. Other users of these social bookmarking sites can make use of these tags and append them to their collections. Here are the top 10 bookmarking sites:

1. Delicious has quickly gained popularity, and after joining the Yahoo family, it has gotten all the more famous. You can share, store and discover bookmarks on It is perhaps the best social bookmarking site with more than 5 million users.

2. Digg

It is basically a social news website. You can cast your vote upon various stories, which is called digging (for positive rating), or burying (for negative rating). It allows you to submit stories, and vote on others’ stories.

3. Furl

Here you can save many copies of a web page, and search your archive. You can even share your data with others. You can use furl to create your own lists and directories. Your favorites are not stored on computer, so you can access them from any system.

4. Reddit

It is quite similar to and furl. You can submit stories, and vote them up or down. Submitting and sharing bookmarks is pretty easy.

5. StumbleUpon

It is very different from other social bookmarking sites. You start by installing the Stumbleupon toolbar, and as you come across a great website, you click on the thumbs up button on the toolbar. This will help the users to find the best stuff on the Internet, and leave out the garbage.

6. Clipmarks

You don’t exactly have to bookmark an entire page, when you find only a part of it interesting. Just clip out the interesting part, images, videos etc with the help of Clipmarks.

7. Mixx

If you are looking for an assortment of bookmarks ranging from stories and news to videos, Mixx is the right mix for you. Simply select a category, and go with it.

8. Newsvine

If you like reading news, this is the perfect place for you. Here, you can find news stories by famous media associations, and also by many individuals.

So if you are looking for some great social bookmarking sites, you can take a look at these top sites. You have many options. For the best social bookmarking, don’t forget to visit Elite SEO Marketing.

ORGANIC SEO 101: Guide For Dummies

Process of developing the traffic en-route your website by making it outstanding in search engine results by using precise keywords is Organic SEO.

These organic search results are free of cost; you don’t have to pay anything for them unlike what you do with pay per click advertising. The profit of Organic SEO is visible for a long duration even after the preliminary work or searches. This helps in improving the ranking of your websites.

There are various steps used in the method of organic SEO. These steps start as early as the conception of planning of a website. There are many advantages of beginning a good SEO campaign.

Steps For A Successful Organic SEO Campaign:

The first and the vital step will be KEYWORD RESEARCH. It requires finding out the variety of keywords, which any user on your website is expected to type into their search engine.

The second step is COPYWRITING, which includes producing the required material for your site, which will link to the keywords generated by you. If the matter of the keywords is closely combined, it is likely to get more hits when people type the keywords.

The third step is ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION. This step involves bringing the targeted customers to your website for your SEO campaign by effectively synchronizing the code, anchor text and the text used for the hyperlinks in your website.

Another step to consider is LINK BUILDING. This will prove to be very important in Organic SEO since your website is a newbie to the market, and it helps in finding different websites and blogs where you will be posting links to increase the traffic on your website. Here you choose different blogs and sites containing information similar to your website. By doing this, the traffic and popularity of your site will increase as people will click on the links placed by you and be directed to your site.

Finally, to improve your Organic SEO ranking, additional website promotion techniques can be considered to build links to your website. If you want more information on Organic SEO, visit Elite SEO Marketing.