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The Connection between Targeted Email Marketing and Increased Sales

Targeted email marketing is a form of Direct Marketing in which a business sends emails about its products, services and/or other offers to a specific and pre-determined set of recipients. This is in contrast to bulk emailing, in which a company, regardless of its segment, customer base or industry type, will send out emails to just about every email account they can reach with the intention of reaching the largest number of business prospects.

Targeted email marketing makes use of database analysis to determine the behavioral, occupational, demographic and geographical characteristics of their intended recipients. For example, one set of requirements for targeted emails by a life insurance company could be based on ‘married males living in a particular country and above the age of 40’.

Targeted emails have been proven to be very effective tools to increase sales and product/service awareness if used correctly.  Research analysis by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), a trade organization working for the advancement of all the channels of direct marketing, has led to the conclusion that companies on average experience a return on investment of $57 per every $1 invested in email marketing; a figure clearly highlighting the usefulness of the practice. Recent studies have proven email marketing to be the most successful tool to provoke ‘impulse’ buying. The survey also claimed the majority of consumers would respond more favorably to an email advertisement as compared to advertisements on websites and social networks.

One of the biggest reasons for the effectiveness of targeted emailing is the extremely low cost and wide reach of email. Secondly, targeted emails that address the recipients by their names are more likely to be read by the recipients, according to research findings that claim that people generally perceive those email ads as more genuine and reliable as compared to ads that seem to address a large number of people.

Targeted email marketing can therefore be a powerful tool to promote a product or service and hence increase sales; however, a company must establish trust in its usefulness and relevance by staying consistent in sending ad mail according to the needs and tastes of its recipients.  Are you feeling like you need help? Contact an internet marketing  specialist at Elite SEO marketing .

Affordable SEO for Small Businesses

Research has shown that the vast majority of internet users make use of search engines each time they need a product or service online. With practically innumerable business websites providing services on the internet today, it has become increasingly difficult for a business to enable it’s website to stand out amongst the other competitors in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, are techniques that make a website more attractive to search engines, thus enabling them to have better chances of showing up as search results and help increase the site’s web traffic and resultantly, business profitability.

SEO techniques range from ‘on-site’ to ‘off-site’ methods. On-site methods make the necessary changes and adjustments to the website itself, including page structure and organization, keyword research and usage, and the use of the correct headings for web pages. Off-site methods include registration of the site on online catalogues, web directories (like the Online Yellow Pages), and social bookmarking websites that are frequently visited by search engines to index and rank websites they may have never come across before.

There are a large number of companies and website firms offering SEO services on the internet today; however, the discrepancy in the fees charged by these companies and their expertise in this dynamic and technical field is usually significantly large. For most small businesses, the budget for these kinds of activities is not that large and thus their choice of an affordable small business SEO that is less costly yet technically skilled becomes even more difficult.

The fees charged by SEO companies depend on their repute, the duration of the service being chosen, with lesser per unit fees for longer contracts; and on the size and complexity of the website; with lower charges for simple websites and higher ones for larger and more complex websites. Most small business websites though are usually simple, and fall into the ‘Low end’ (lowest fee) category.

In the current age of cut-throat competition between businesses striving to increase their market share and profitability over competing firms, it has become vital for small business websites to invest the required time and money into employing a proficient and affordable SEO company to achieve their desired goals. Elite SEO marketing might be your kind of company.

The Benefits of Directory Submissions as a Marketing Tool

Web Directories are categorized listings of internet websites and provide links to their web pages. They can be either a free or paid service depending on the directory and are used by search engines like Google and Yahoo! for coming up with search results. The Open Directory Project and Yahoo! Directory are two of the major web directories being used today.

The benefits of directory submissions as a marketing tool can be simply described as increased rankings and traffic to the listed web page. Web directories are used as indexing tools for search engines, which are the main web surfing portals on the internet, and are directly responsible for the results displayed.

Higher rankings and visibility are necessary for increasing ‘Click through Traffic’ that is especially vital for business or e-commerce related website owners. One criteria used by search engines to rank internet sites is the number of incoming links. High quality directories help by provide ‘back links’ to the listed sites, thus increasing ‘link popularity’ and ranking.

Other benefits of directory submissions as a marketing tool include:

‘Keyword targeting’

Directories classify websites by categories and subcategories; there are also specialized directories that list only a certain type of websites like shopping or women’s fashion. This ensures that if accurate keywords and classifications are applied the listed website is easily found by the surfers looking for its specific expertise or information.

‘Branding or Awareness’

By being listed in web directories with back links, accurate keywords and categorization, the popularity of the site is enhanced. Awareness of the company, product or brand is increased resulting in greater brand recognition and sales.

‘Cost effectiveness’

Directory submissions are also a very economical and efficient marketing tool. They are a low-cost, sometime free, service that provides visibility, increased consumer traffic and brand awareness.

One thing to remember is to choose high-quality directories and avoid ‘Link Farms’. Also avoid illegal Link Building Services that may cause search engines to ban your website. If managed correctly directory submissions can be one of the most fruitful tools for Search Engine Optimization and promoting websites on the internet.  Any question? Elite SEO marketing staff are happy to help you.

Why Social Bookmarking is a Boon for Website Owners

A ‘bookmark’ is a saved link to a website, webpage or any other online resource saved by an internet user who finds it of use or interest for the purpose(s) of future reference, viewing or sharing. Every internet user who bookmarks web pages will eventually have a list of bookmarks stored online or on his or her computer.

Social bookmarking, thus, is a facility for internet users to collect, arrange, organize and share bookmarks with other internet users who have also shared their set of bookmarks online., and are among the more famous social bookmarking sites.

The benefit of this service to owners of websites is tremendous. These include increasing a site’s popularity among internet users with similar preferences, getting a website indexed (listed) on search engines, and magnifying the site’s web ‘presence’; all of which ultimately lead to the generation of a larger volume of traffic to the site. A larger amount of traffic to a site means a larger amount of income derived from those extra visitors, which is the underlying purpose behind the existence of virtually every online business website.

To start off using the social bookmarking utility, website owners first need to set up their own accounts/profile pages at different social bookmarking sites. This allows their website to be swiftly sniffed up and hence indexed by search engines. Your personal page besides acting as your own advertisement, serves as a resource for other users which can be used to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, further enhancing your sites popularity and ranking amongst search engines.

The reason search engines highly value information derived from social bookmarking sites is because bookmarking is performed by humans rather than computer codes or algorithms. Thereby the usefulness of a site certified by a real user is deemed more reliable than what a computer code would suggest. Once indexed on a search engine it will start showing up as search results ranked according to the sites popularity when the relevant keywords are typed in.

In this manner, social bookmarking can be used as a highly effective tool to enhance web traffic to a website and its subsequent profitability. You want to have somebody get this complicated work done for you?  Call internet marketing companies like Elite SEO marketing for free consultation service.