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How Website SEO Works

Unless an internet user knows exactly what he or she wants and the exact URL of the internet resource where they can find it, the vast majority of people will turn to their pet Search Engine to do the job. The search engine in use will then return results based on pages from sites with the highest rankings. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

Website SEO, simply put, is a bunch of website design, structure, content, and other off-site techniques that will help a site attain a good ranking with search engines, increasing the chances of internet users landing on it, and thus increasing its traffic and popularity in its field of operation.

To understand how website SEO works, it’s important to understand how search engines themselves work. Search engines use programs called ‘spiders’ that scan web pages and their content, structure, the number and reputation of any external links pointing to them, and other information which is later broken down and analyzed to form the basis of the search engines rankings.

Website SEO techniques include using a clear and orderly page structure that is easy for ‘spiders’ to scan, using the relevant keywords and tags to name and identify each page, using HTML supplements for all the Flash or JAVA content on web pages, maintaining updated, high quality and relevant page content, and engaging in the correct marketing activities. Marketing activities include press releases, enlisting the website on web directories like the Online Yellow Pages or Social Bookmarking sites, running contests and giveaways and sponsoring famous web activities. These activities will also help a website attain a large number of reference links on other sites, an important factor used by search engines to rank a website’s usefulness. It is also important to make sure there are no ‘dead’ pages or broken links on a site, and to avoid any SEO malpractices like excessive keyword usage and artificial links, as these can result in a search engine ban or penalty.

Search Engine Optimization is a vast and dynamic field and the methods and techniques employed change on a daily basis, but if effectively employed can significantly help a website attain its intended goals. You might need a help from experts at Elite SEO  marketing to get the work done efficiently and safely.

How Small Business Websites can Benefit from SEO

With the colossal increase in the number of business websites operating on the internet today, it has become necessary for webmasters to engage in some sort of activity that enables their sites to stand out amongst the crowd of other competitors. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the field that specifically performs these activities.  Elite SEO marketing knows all about today’s internet marketing, even if you have no idea what we are talking about.

SEO, simply put, are a set of techniques that enable a website to be ranked higher in search engine results for the same keywords as compared to other sites based on those keywords. For example, an online bookstore business’ website that has employed SEO effectively will have a lot more chances to be listed higher in the results when someone searches for “Online Bookstore” on a search engine such as MSN, Bing or Google as compared to an online books website with no or ineffective SEO.

SEO techniques involve maintaining an organized webpage structure, using the relevant business keywords effectively for the titles and descriptions of web pages, link placement, maintaining accounts on social bookmarking websites, enlisting the site’s URL on online directories, and other marketing activities such as press releases and news stories while maintaining high quality and updated website content.

All this may seem rather straight forward, but in reality effective and ‘clean’ SEO is a complicated and time consuming task which makes it vital for all serious business websites to allocate a decent amount of budget to these purposes. Possible lower cost options include hiring in-house IT staff that have webpage optimization knowledge or SEO training, or going for a bundled ‘website development plus SEO’ package while the site is being developed. It is also possible to optimize only those pages of a site that a business considers to form their core operations rather than the whole site. A little looking around can also help get better deals for affordable SEO deals online, especially from competent new firms that will charge less to earn credibility and market experience.

The online business arena is an increasingly competitive world, but with the right professional expertise and effective search engine optimization, business websites have a good chance at attaining successful and profitable positions.

How Press Release Services Can Help Increase Sales

Any business, any product and any service, no matter how good, needs to be known to consumers. “If it isn’t known, it won’t sell!”

Previously, all product promotion activities were focused on media like TV and Newspapers etc. But as the World Wide Web kept growing in size and importance, Internet Marketing was born. Now businesses are making use of cost effective marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization and Press Release Services.

Press Releases are any news worthy developments that are ‘released’ through the media to inform consumers. Only, the media has now changed and Internet Press Releases are all the rage! There are many ways press release services can help increase sales, the ultimate goal of any profit-making organization:

Search Engine Visibility

Search engines are constantly updating their content and require new material. They index press release sites for latest developments, making it probable that new information will be picked up by websites quickly and gain visibility on engines like Google News.

Consumer Interest

An effectively titled press release can capture the attention of the targeted readers. After his death, ‘Michael Jackson’ was one of the most searched keywords on the internet. Also, accurate and relevant key words in the title can ensure that the internet readers can easily find the relevant press release.

Word of Mouth

Once your press release has gained consumer attention, it will attract a larger readership when they spread the word around. That in turn will increase traffic to your website when more people want to know what all the fuss is about.


An extended readership and escalating interest will bring advertisers eager to share the attention which will be a definite source of revenue.

Websites offering press release services can help increase sales by distributing the news further out to other sites and media. The added exposure can be the deciding factor between rival products for the consumer. It can also promote brand identity and company awareness by keeping them in the limelight. The increased traffic and reader interest will serve to generate and escalate sales all through a remarkable cost-effective activity.  Not sure what to do? Elite SEO  marketing team can help you.